Topic 5: Using Weblab doing online analysis [ back ]

Please use WebLab to do online bioinformatics analysis. Take the gene AT5G02380 as an example:

From sequence page of each gene we provided access to Weblab

By clicking "submit to weblab", the sequence will be delivered to Weblab serves, then entrance weblab

Click "Try Out" will make a quick access to weblab. However, we highly RECOMMEND that registering an account will be more benefit for performing personal activities such as saving your result and share your data.

Then, choose the query data file:

Next, turn to PROGRAM and choose the program you needed. Here, we provided mostly common use bioinformatics tools:

Or, you can search keywords of the tool in the keyword search box:

For example, if we want to check if the gene AT5G02380 has transmembrane domain, we can choose tmap in EMBOSS toolbox:

Choose the sequence in the input box of the software page (same as other tools):

Then choose the output requirements and click "Run":

The result will display as your requirement in the next page: