Topic 3: Search genes or mutants by phenotypes [ back ]

1) Combine several phenotypes to search for mutants and genes [ back ]

Please go to Keyword Search -> phenotype page to use this function. For example, you wang to search mutants with longer primary root and increased lateral root
First, click the link to "Root" and contents will be expanded or collapsed:

Second, select the attributes that you want to search ("Primary root" and "Lateral root").
Third, select phenotypes ("long" and "increased")from the drop-down menu under the selected attributes.
The result would be:

Your search criteria will be summarized in the top of the page.

2) Browse phenotype ontology [ back ]

Please go to Browse->Phenotype Ontology page to use this function. This page looks similar with above one, except that phenotype descriptions are not in drop-down menu:

After each phenotype, the number of mutants and genes are printed, and there are links for them after phenotype descriptions. You can click the links to see what mutants or genes they are.