Topic 4: Search microarray experiments in PHD [ back ]

Please use search microarray page to search for microarray related information.

1) Search by hormone or organ [ back ]

There is one form in the search page. Microarray experiments in this database are identified by hormone and organ, and could be search accordingly. For example you search by "Auxin" and "Seedling", four microarray experiments will be found. Click on the item with ID "IAA_1", and returned page looks like:

Part 1 is detailed information about this experiment. Part 2 allows you to browse all gene's expression profile in this experiment. This experiment contains 3 sampling time points, "30 min", "60 min", and "90 min". Click the link "30min" on the first row you will get sorted expression levels only at this time point. Click "30min" link on the second row you will view all 3 time points, sorted according to 30 min.

2) Browse all microarray data [ back ]

You can browse all microarray data in this database on Browse-->Microarray Data page or from the link "Browse all microarray data in this database" in the first form of " Keyword Search-->Microarray Data " page.