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Found 138 mutant, 77 genes


Mutant Ecotype Mutagenesis type Mutated Gene
1. 35S:AtCKX1 Col-0 Transgenic plant AT2G41510
2. 35S:AtCKX2 Col-0 Transgenic plant AT2G19500
3. 35S:AtCKX3 Col-0 Transgenic plant AT5G56970
4. 35S:AtCKX4 Col-0 Transgenic plant AT4G29740
5. arr1-1 Col-0 T-DNA insertion_knock out AT3G16857
6. arr10 arr12 Col-0 T-DNA insertion_knock out AT4G31920 AT2G25180
7. arr12 Col-0 T-DNA insertion_knock out AT2G25180
8. atent3 Col-0 T-DNA insertion_knock out AT4G05120
9. cre1-1 Ler EMS AT2G01830
10. cre1-12,ahk3-3 AT1G27320 AT2G01830
11. soi33 Ws T-DNA insertion_knock out AT1G02630
12. spy-4 Ws T-DNA insertion_knock out AT3G11540


Mutant Ecotype Mutagenesis type Mutated Gene
13. EBF1ox Col-0 Transgenic plant AT2G25490
14. EBF2ox Col-0 Transgenic plant AT5G25350
15. EIN3 T174A Col-0 position direct mutation AT3G20770
16. aux1-21 Col-0 X-ray
17. aux1-21 ctr1-1 AT5G03730
18. aux1-22 Col-0 DEB(diepoxybutane mutagenesis)
19. auxl-21 eir1-1 Col-0
20. ctr1 wei2 Col-0 AT5G03730
21. ctr1 wei7 Col-0 AT5G03730
22. ctr1-1 ein3-2 Col-0 AT3G20770 AT5G03730
23. ctr1-1 ein6 mixed AT5G03730 EIN6
24. ctr1-1 ein7 Col-0 AT5G03730 AT1G54490
25. ctr1-1 eir1-1 Col-0 AT5G03730
26. ctr1-5 ein2-1 Col-0 AT5G03280 AT5G03730
27. ebf1-1 ein2-5 Col-0 AT2G25490 AT5G03280
28. ebf1-4 Ws T-DNA insertion_knock out AT2G25490
29. ebf2-1 ein2-5 Col-0 AT5G03280 AT5G25350
30. ebf2-4 Ws T-DNA insertion_knock out AT5G25350
31. eer1 ein2-1 mixed AT1G25490 AT5G03280
32. eer4 ein2-5 mixed AT1G17440 AT5G03280
33. eer4 ein3-1 mixed AT1G17440 AT3G20770
34. eil1 Col-0 En-1/Spm-transposon AT2G27050
35. ein2 ers1 etr1 AT1G66340 AT2G40940 AT5G03280
36. ein2-1 Col-0 EMS AT5G03280
37. ein2-1 eir1-1 Col-0 AT5G03280
38. ein2-1 eto1-1 Col-0 AT3G51770 AT5G03280
39. ein2-1 etr1-3 Col-0 AT1G66340 AT5G03280
40. ein2-1 hls1-1 Col-0 AT4G37580 AT5G03280
41. ein2-1 tt4 mixed AT5G03280
42. ein2-5 Col-0 X-ray AT5G03280
43. ein2-6 Ws T-DNA insertion_knock out AT5G03280
44. ein2-6 eir1-1 Col-0 AT5G03280
45. ein2-6 eto1-1 Col-0 AT3G51770 AT5G03280
46. ein3 ctr1 Col-0 AT3G20770 AT5G03730
47. ein3-1 Col-0 EMS nt1598 G to A AT3G20770
48. ein3-1 ebf1-3 ebf2-3 Col-0 AT2G25490 AT3G20770 AT5G25350
49. ein3-1 eil1-3 Col-0 AT2G27050 AT3G20770
50. ein3-1 eil1-3 ebf1-3 ebf2-3 Col-0 AT2G25490 AT2G27050 AT3G20770 AT5G25350
51. ein3-1 eir1-1 Col-0 AT3G20770
52. ein3-2 Ws T-DNA insertion_knock out AT3G20770
53. ein3-3 AT3G20770
54. ein4 Col-0 DEB(diepoxybutane mutagenesis) AT3G04580
55. ein5-1 Col-0 X-ray AT1G54490
56. ein5-1 ctr1-1 Col-0 AT1G54490 AT5G03730
57. ein5-1 ebf1-1 Col-0 AT1G54490 AT2G25490
58. ein5-1 eir1-2 Col-0 AT1G54490
59. ein5-1 etr1-2 Col-0 AT1G54490 AT1G66340
60. ein5-2 Col-0 X-ray AT1G54490
61. ein6 Ler fast neutron mutagenesis EIN6
62. ein7 Col-0 X-ray AT1G54490
63. eir1-1 Col-0 DEB(diepoxybutane mutagenesis)
64. eir1-1 hls1-1 Col-0 AT4G37580
65. eir1-2 Col-0 X-ray
66. ers1 AT2G40940
67. ers2 AT1G04310
68. eto1-1 etr1-3 Col-0 AT3G51770 AT1G66340
69. etr1-1 AT1G66340
70. etr1-3 Col-0 EMS AT1G66340
71. etr2 AT3G23150
72. ran1-3 ein2 AT5G44790 AT5G03280
73. ran1-3 ein3-1 AT5G44790 AT3G20770
74. ran1-3 etr1-3 AT5G44790 AT1G66340
75. rcn1-2 ein2-1 AT1G25490 AT5G03280
76. rcn1-2 etr1-1 AT1G66340 AT1G25490

abscisic acid

Mutant Ecotype Mutagenesis type Mutated Gene
77. A218 Ler AT2G40340
78. A220 Ler AT2G40340
79. A227 Ler AT2G40340
80. AtVDAC2Dn RLD antisense AT5G67500
81. NPX1-ox Col-0 AT5G63320
82. NYFP-NPX1-ox Col-0 overexpress N terminal of NPX1 AT5G63320
83. RHA2a-RNAi Col-0 RNAi AT1G15100
84. abi2-1 Ler EMS AT5G57050
85. aria Col-0 T-DNA insertion_knock out AT5G19330
86. cch1-1 Col-0 EMS AT5G13630
87. gtg1 gtg2 Ws cross T-DNA insertion lines of gtg1 and gtg2 AT1G64990 AT4G27630
88. hos3-1 C24 T-DNA insertion_knock out AT4G36830
89. mkk1 Col-0 T-DNA insertion_knock out AT4G26070
90. perk4-1 Col-0 T-DNA insertion_knock out AT2G18470
91. perk4-2 Col-0 T-DNA insertion_knock out AT2G18470
92. rha2a Col-0 T-DNA insertion_knock out AT1G15100
93. rha2a abi3-8 Col-0 cross AT3G24650 AT1G15100
94. rha2a abi4-1 Col-0 cross AT1G15100 AT2G40220
95. rha2a abi5 Col-0 cross AT1G15100 AT2G36270


Mutant Ecotype Mutagenesis type Mutated Gene
96. Col(35S::RBX1)1a Col-0 Transgenic plant AT5G20570
97. afb2 Ws T-DNA insertion_activation tag AT3G26810
98. afb5 Col-0 EMS AT5G49980
99. aux1-7 Col-0 EMS AT2G38120
100. aux1-7 axr4-1 AT1G54990 AT2G38120
101. axr1 Col-0 EMS AT1G05180
102. axr1-12 eta2-1 Col-0 EMS AT1G05180 AT4G11260
103. axr2-1 Col-0 EMS AT3G23050
104. axr3-1 Col-0 EMS AT1G04250
105. axr4-1 Col-0 T-DNA insertion_knock out AT1G54990
106. axr4-1 axr1-12 AT1G54990 AT1G05180
107. axr5 Col-0 EMS AT4G14560
108. axr6 Col-0 DEB AT4G02570
109. dsrub Col-0 AT1G31340
110. ebf1 cul1 Col-1 AT4G02570
111. ebf2 cul1 Col-2 AT4G02570
112. eir1-3 Col-0 Ds insertion AT5G57090
113. enhancer of tir1-1 auxin resistance (eta2-1) Col-0 EMS AT2G02560
114. eta2-1 ask1-1
115. eta2-1 tir1-1 Col-0 EMS AT3G62980
116. eta3 Col-0 EMS AT4G11260
117. eta3 tir1-1 Col-0 AT3G62980 AT4G11260
118. iaa28-1/iar2-1 Ws EMS AT5G25890
119. ibr5-3 Col-0 T-DNA insertion_knock out AT2G04550
120. msg2-1 Col-0 EMS AT3G15540
121. shy2-2 Ler EMS AT1G04240
122. slr-1 Col-0 EMS AT4G14550
123. tir1 Col-0 EMS AT3G62980
124. tir1-1 ask1-1 Col-0 other AT3G62980
125. wei8 Col-0 EMS AT1G70560

jasmonic acid

Mutant Ecotype Mutagenesis type Mutated Gene
126. 35S:: JAZ1D3A Col-0 Transgenic plant AT1G19180
127. 35S:: MPK6-Myc Col-0 Transgenic plant AT2G43790
128. 35S::MKK3 Col-0 Transgenic plant AT5G40440
129. NINJAOE Col-0 AT4G28910
130. axr1-24 Col-0 EMS AT1G05180
131. coi1-1 Col-0 EMS AT2G39940
133. jai3-1 Col-0 EMS AT3G17860
134. jar1/jin4/jai2 Col-0 EMS AT2G46370
135. jin1/jai1 Col-0 EMS AT1G32640
136. mpk6 Col-0 T-DNA insertion_knock out AT2G43790
137. oji1 Ws-2 T-DNA insertion_knock out OJI1


Mutant Ecotype Mutagenesis type Mutated Gene
138. bak1-1D Ws T-DNA insertion_activation tag AT4G33430

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