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  |----- Shoot apical hook ( hookless )

As many genes responds to multiple hormones, number of genes displayed may be greater than 11.


Gene Mutants
1. AT4G37580 (HLS1)hls1-1 ein2-1 hls1-1 eir1-1 hls1-1
2. AT5G03280 (EIN2)ein2-1 hls1-1


Gene Mutants
3. AT1G04240 (SHORT HYPOCOTYL 2(SHY2),IAA3)shy2-2
4. AT2G02560 (CULLIN-ASSOCIATED AND NEDDYLATION DISSOCIATED, ETA2)enhancer of tir1-1 auxin resistance (eta2-1)
5. AT3G26810 (Auxin Signaling F-box Protein 2)tir1 afb1 afb2 afb3
6. AT3G62980 (TRANSPORT INHIBITOR RESPONSE 1 (TIR1))tir1 afb1 afb2 afb3
7. AT4G14560 (AUX/IAA1)axr5
8. AT5G20570 (RBX1a)Col(35S::RBX1)1a

abscisic acid

Gene Mutants
9. AT3G08550 (ABI8/ELD1/KOB1)ein3-1abi8
10. AT3G20770 (EIN3)ein3-1abi8


Gene Mutants
11. AT4G18710 (BIN2)bin2-1

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