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  |----- Plant height ( dwarf, reduced height )

As many genes responds to multiple hormones, number of genes displayed may be greater than 113.


Gene Mutants
1. AT1G04310 (ERS2)etr1-6 etr2-3 ein4-4 ers2-3
2. AT1G26830 (CUL3A)cul3hyp
3. AT1G54490 (EIN5)ein5-1 ebf1-1 ein5-1 ctr1-1
4. AT1G66340 (ETR1)etr1-6 etr2-3 ein4-4 etr1-7 ein4-1 etr1-6 etr2-3 ein4-4 ers2-3 ers1 etr1 etr1-3 ctr1-1
5. AT1G69670 (CUL3B)cul3hyp
6. AT2G25490 (EBF1)ebf1-1 ein2-1 ebf1-1 ebf2-1 ein3-1 ebf1-3 ebf2-3 ebf1-3 ebf2-3 ein5-1 ebf1-1 ebf1-2 ebf1-3
7. AT2G27050 (EIL1)EIL1ox
8. AT2G40940 (ERS1)ers1 etr1
9. AT3G04580 (EIN4)etr1-6 etr2-3 ein4-4 etr1-7 ein4-1 etr1-6 etr2-3 ein4-4 ers2-3
10. AT3G18910 (ETP2)amiR-ETP1/ETP2
11. AT3G18980 (ETP1)amiR-ETP1/ETP2
12. AT3G20770 (EIN3)ein3-1 ebf1-3 ebf2-3 EIN3ox
13. AT3G23150 (ETR2)etr1-6 etr2-3 ein4-4 etr1-6 etr2-3 ein4-4 ers2-3
14. AT3G23240 (ERF1)ERF1ox
15. AT3G49700 (ACS9/ETO3)eto3
16. AT3G51770 (ETO1)eto1-1
17. AT4G01370 (MPK4)mpk4
18. AT4G26080 (ABI1)abi1-1ctr1-10
19. AT4G30480 (AtTRP1)AtTRP1F-GFP
20. AT4G37580 (HLS1)hls1-1
21. AT5G03280 (EIN2)ein2-1 ebf1-1 ebf2-1
22. AT5G03730 (CTR1)ctr1-1 ctr1 wei7 ctr1-3 ein5-1 ctr1-1 ctr1-2 abi1-1ctr1-10 ctr1 wei2 ctr1-4 etr1-3 ctr1-1
23. AT5G25350 (EBF2)ein2-1 ebf1-1 ebf2-1 ein3-1 ebf1-3 ebf2-3 ebf1-3 ebf2-3
24. AT5G65800 (ACS5/ACC5/ETO2/CIN5)eto2
25. EER2 (EER2)eer2
26. SAX1 (SAX1)sax1


Gene Mutants
27. AT1G04240 (SHORT HYPOCOTYL 2(SHY2),IAA3)shy2-2
28. AT1G04250 (AUX/IAA17)axr3-1
29. AT1G05180 (AXR1)axr1-12 eta2-1 axr1-12 ECR1-C1 axr1
30. AT1G19220 (ARF19)nph4arf19 ARF19-D
31. AT1G23540 (IGI1)igi1
32. AT1G30330 (ARF6)arf6arf8
33. AT1G31340 (Related to Ubiquitin 1(RUB1)/Nedd8)dsrub
34. AT2G02560 (CULLIN-ASSOCIATED AND NEDDYLATION DISSOCIATED, ETA2)enhancer of tir1-1 auxin resistance (eta2-1)
35. AT3G23050 (AXR2)axr2-1
36. AT3G26810 (Auxin Signaling F-box Protein 2)tir1 afb2 afb3 tir1 afb1 afb2 afb3
37. AT3G48360 (BT2)bt2-1
38. AT3G50060 (MYB77)myb77-ox
39. AT3G62980 (TRANSPORT INHIBITOR RESPONSE 1 (TIR1))tir1 afb2 afb3 tir1 afb1 afb2 afb3 eta2-1 tir1-1
40. AT4G02570 (AUXIN RESISTANT 6(AXR6); CULLIN 1(CUL1))cul1-6 axr6
41. AT4G11260 (ENHANCER OF TIR1-1 AUXIN RESISTANCE(ETA3),SCF-regulatory protein SGT1b)axr1-12 eta2-1
42. AT4G13260 (YUC2)yuc1 yuc yuc4 yuc6
43. AT4G14550 (AUX/IAA14)slr-1
44. AT4G30480 (AtTPR1)AtTRP1F-GFP
45. AT4G32540 (YUC1)yuc1 yuc yuc4 yuc6
46. AT4G37390 (YDK1)ydk1-D
47. AT5G03730 (CTR1)ctr1-1 ctr2btk ctr1-1
48. AT5G11320 (YUC4)yuc1 yuc yuc4 yuc6
49. AT5G16780 (MDF)mdf-2 mdf-1
50. AT5G18930 (BUD2)bud2 axr1-3 bud2
51. AT5G19180 (E1-CONJUGATING ENZYME RELATED1(ECR1))ecr1-1 axr1-12 ECR1-C1 ECR1-C
52. AT5G20570 (RBX1a)Col(35S::RBX1)1a
53. AT5G20730 (ARF7)nph4arf19 arf7/nph4/msg1
54. AT5G25620 (YUC6)yuc1 yuc yuc4 yuc6
55. AT5G25890 (AUX/IAA28)iaa28-1/iar2-1
56. AT5G37020 (ARF8)arf6arf8
57. AT5G54510 (DFL1)dfl1-D

jasmonic acid

Gene Mutants
58. AT1G05180 (AXR1)axr1-24
59. AT1G32640 (AtMYC2/JIN1)jin1/jai1
60. AT2G43710 (SSI2/FAB2)ssi2/fab2
61. AT4G01370 (MPK4)mpk4
62. AT4G02570 (AXR6,CUL1)axr6


Gene Mutants
63. AT1G02400 (AtGA2ox6)GK-119G12-012517
64. AT1G14920 (GAI; RGA2)gai
65. AT1G15550 (GA4)3ox1 3ox1 3ox3 3ox4 3ox1 3ox3 3ox1 3ox2 ga4-2 3ox1 3ox4 3ox1 3ox2 3ox3
66. AT1G50960 (AtGA2ox7)AtGA2ox7ACT
67. AT1G60980 (AtGA20ox4)ga20x4_109F6
68. AT1G78440 (AtGA2ox1)SALK_020228.39.00.x
69. AT1G79460 (KS; GA2)ga2-1
70. AT1G80330 (AtGA3ox4)ga4-1 3ox1 3ox3 3ox4 3ox1 3ox4
71. AT1G80340 (AtGA3ox2)3ox1 3ox2 3ox1 3ox2 3ox3
72. AT2G01570 (RGA1)ga1-3 rga-24
73. AT3G05120 (AtGID1A)gid1a-1 gid1b-1 gid1c-1 gid1a-1 gid1c-1
74. AT3G63010 (ATGID1B)gid1a-1 gid1b-1 gid1c-1
75. AT4G02780 (CPS;GA1)ga1-3 rga-24 ga1-3
76. AT4G21200 (AtGA2ox8)AtGA2ox8ACT
77. AT4G21690 (AtGA3ox3)3ox1 3ox3 3ox4 3ox1 3ox3 3ox1 3ox2 3ox3
78. AT4G24210 (SLEEPY1)sly1-10 sly1
79. AT4G25420 (GA5)ga5-3
80. AT4G26420 (GAMT1)GAMT1
81. AT5G25900 (GA3)ga3-1
82. AT5G27320 (ATGID1C)gid1a-1 gid1b-1 gid1c-1 gid1a-1 gid1c-1
83. AT5G56300 (GAMT2)GAMT2


Gene Mutants
84. AT1G06390 (GSK3)ASKtheta-Myc ASKthetaOF-Myc
85. AT3G16570 (ATRALF23)AtRALF-mycox
86. AT3G28910 (ATMYB30)bri1 atmyb30 atmyb30
87. AT4G39400 (BRI1)bri1 atmyb30
88. AT5G12210 (AtRGTB1)rgtb1-2 rgtb1-1


Gene Mutants
89. AT1G27320 (AHK3)ahk2/ahk3 ahk2/ahk3/cre1
90. AT2G01830 (CRE1, AHK4, WOL1)ahk2/ahk3/cre1
91. AT5G18930 (BUD2)bud2 axr1-3 bud2
92. AT5G35750 (AHK2)ahk2/ahk3 ahk2/ahk3/cre1
93. ATLOG3 (AtLOG3)log3 log4 log7
94. ATLOG4 (AtLOG4)log3 log4 log7

salicylic acid

Gene Mutants
95. AT1G77470 (RFC3)sni rfc3-1
96. AT3G50280 (DEAR1)DEAR1ox
97. AT3G55270 (MKP1)mkp1
98. AT4G14400 (ACD6)acd6-1
99. AT4G26840 (SUM1)sum1-1 amiR-SUM2
100. AT5G01820 (ATSR1)atsr1
101. AT5G43940 (GSNOR1)par2-1 gsnor1-3
102. AT5G55160 (SUM2)35S:SUM2WT sum1-1 amiR-SUM2
103. AT5G60410 (SIZ1)siz1-2

abscisic acid

Gene Mutants
104. AT1G09700 (HYL1)hyl1
105. AT1G52340 (ABA2/GIN1/ISI1/SIS4/SDR1)aba2
106. AT2G38050 (DET2/DWF6)det2-1
107. AT3G23050 (AXR2)axr2-1
108. AT3G48360 (BT2)bt2-1
109. AT4G26080 (ABI1)abi1-1ctr1-10
110. AT5G03730 (CTR1)abi1-1ctr1-10
111. AT5G48870 (SAD1)sad1
112. AT5G60410 (SIZ1)siz1-2
113. SAX1 (SAX1)sax1


Gene Mutants
114. AT1G03445 (BSU1)BSU1 RNAi
115. AT1G11680 (AtCYP51)AtCYP51 antisense
116. AT1G17060 (CYP72C1)chi2 sob7-D
117. AT1G19350 (BES1)bes1 RNAi
118. AT2G38050 (DET2)det2-1
119. AT3G19820 (DIM1)dwf1-1
120. AT3G30180 (BR6ox2)cyp85a2-1
121. AT3G50660 (DWF4)dwf4-1
122. AT4G18710 (BIN2)bin2-1
123. AT4G33430 (BAK1)bak1-1
124. AT4G36380 (CYP90C1)rot3-1
125. AT5G05690 (CPD)cpd
126. AT5G13170 (AtSMT1)smt1
127. SAX1 (SAX1)sax1

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