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  |----- Flowering time under short day ( late flowering )

As many genes responds to multiple hormones, number of genes displayed may be greater than 10.

abscisic acid

Gene Mutants
1. AT1G09700 (HYL1)hyl1
2. AT3G08550 (ABI8/ELD1/KOB1)abi8
3. AT4G21670 (CPL1/FRY2)cpl1


Gene Mutants
4. AT1G14920 (GAI; RGA2)gai
5. AT1G50960 (AtGA2ox7)AtGA2ox7ACT
6. AT4G02780 (CPS;GA1)ga1-6
7. AT4G21200 (AtGA2ox8)AtGA2ox8ACT
8. AT4G25420 (GA5)ga20ox1 ga20ox2
9. AT5G16260 (ELF9)soc1-2 elf9-1
10. AT5G51810 (AtGA20ox2)ga20ox1 ga20ox2 ga20ox2

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