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  |----- Flowering time under short day ( early flowering )

As many genes responds to multiple hormones, number of genes displayed may be greater than 10.

salicylic acid

Gene Mutants
1. AT4G26840 (SUM1)sum1-1 amiR-SUM2
2. AT5G55160 (SUM2)sum1-1 amiR-SUM2
3. AT5G55170 (SUM3)sum3-1

abscisic acid

Gene Mutants
4. AT4G16280 (FCA)fca-1


Gene Mutants
5. AT1G14920 (GAI; RGA2)rga-24 gai-t6 ga1-3 ga1-3 rga-t2 gai-t6 rgl2-1
6. AT2G01570 (RGA1)rga-24 gai-t6 ga1-3 rga-24 ga1-3 rga-t2 gai-t6 rgl2-1
7. AT3G03450 (RGL2)ga1-3 rga-t2 gai-t6 rgl2-1
8. AT3G11540 (SPINDLY)spy-19 spy-12 spy-15 spy-9 spy-14 spy-20 spy-2 spy-18 spy-1 spy-10 spy-6 spy-11 spy-8 spy-7
9. AT4G02780 (CPS;GA1)rga-24 gai-t6 ga1-3 ga1-3 rga-t2 gai-t6 rgl2-1
10. AT5G16260 (ELF9)elf9-1

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