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  |----- Flowering time under long day ( early flowering )

As many genes responds to multiple hormones, number of genes displayed may be greater than 1.


Gene Mutants
1. ATLOG3 (AtLOG3)log3 log4 log7
2. ATLOG4 (AtLOG4)log3 log4 log7


Gene Mutants
3. AT3G54720 (COP2)amp1-1
4. AT4G37580 (HLS1)hls1-1

abscisic acid

Gene Mutants
5. AT1G35515 (HOS1)hos1-1


Gene Mutants
6. AT1G77850 (ARF17)mARF17-D

jasmonic acid

Gene Mutants
7. AT3G56400 (WRKY70)anti-WRKY70


Gene Mutants
8. AT1G14920 (GAI; RGA2)rga-24 gai-t6 ga1-3 ga1-3 rga-t2 gai-t6 rgl2-1
9. AT2G01570 (RGA1)rga-24 gai-t6 ga1-3 rga-24 ga1-3 rga-t2 gai-t6 rgl2-1
10. AT3G03450 (RGL2)ga1-3 rga-t2 gai-t6 rgl2-1
11. AT3G11540 (SPINDLY)spy-1 spy-20 spy-2 spy-18
12. AT4G02780 (CPS;GA1)rga-24 gai-t6 ga1-3 ga1-3 rga-t2 gai-t6 rgl2-1
13. AT4G25420 (GA5)35s:GA20ox1


Gene Mutants
14. AT1G67260 (TCP1)tcp1-1D

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