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  |----- Fertility ( male sterility )

As many genes responds to multiple hormones, number of genes displayed may be greater than 14.

abscisic acid

Gene Mutants
1. AT3G08550 (ABI8/ELD1/KOB1)abi8


Gene Mutants
2. AT1G10940 (ARABIDOPSIS SERINE/THREONINE KINASE 1,Arabidopsis-SKP1-like (ASK1))ask1-1
3. AT3G62980 (TRANSPORT INHIBITOR RESPONSE 1 (TIR1))tir1-1 ask1-1

jasmonic acid

Gene Mutants
4. AT1G19180 (JAZ1)35S:: JAZ1D3A
5. AT2G06050 (OPR3 /DELAYED DEHISCENCE1)dde1/opr3
6. AT2G29980 (FAD3)fad3-2 fad7-2 fad8
7. AT2G39940 (COI1)coi1-1
8. AT2G44050 (COS1)cos1 coi1-2
9. AT2G44810 (DAD1)dad1
10. AT3G11170 (FAD7)fad3-2 fad7-2 fad8
11. AT5G05580 (FAD8)fad3-2 fad7-2 fad8
12. AT5G42650 (AOS)aos/dde2-2


Gene Mutants
13. AT4G18710 (BIN2)bin2-1
14. AT4G39400 (BRI1)bri1-101

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