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  |----- Vasculature pattern ( reduced leaf vasculature )

As many genes responds to multiple hormones, number of genes displayed may be greater than 17.


Gene Mutants
1. SAX1 (SAX1)sax1

abscisic acid

Gene Mutants
2. AT2G38050 (DET2/DWF6)det2-1
3. SAX1 (SAX1)sax1


Gene Mutants
4. AT1G19850 (ARF5)arf5/mp
5. AT1G77850 (ARF17)mARF17-D
6. AT4G13260 (YUC2)yuc1 yuc yuc4 yuc6
7. AT4G32540 (YUC1)yuc1 yuc yuc4 yuc6
8. AT5G11320 (YUC4)yuc1 yuc yuc4 yuc6
9. AT5G25620 (YUC6)yuc1 yuc yuc4 yuc6


Gene Mutants
10. AT1G11680 (AtCYP51)AtCYP51 antisense
11. AT1G17060 (CYP72C1)sob7-D
12. AT1G20330 (AtSMT2)cvp1-1
13. AT1G55610 (BRL1)brl1-1
14. AT2G38050 (DET2)det2-1
15. AT3G13380 (BRL3)brl3-1
16. AT3G19820 (DIM1)dwf1-1
17. AT4G18710 (BIN2)bin2-1
18. AT5G05690 (CPD)cpd
19. AT5G13170 (AtSMT1)smt1
20. SAX1 (SAX1)sax1

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