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  |----- Hyponastic or epinastic leaves ( hyponastic leaves )

As many genes responds to multiple hormones, number of genes displayed may be greater than 16.


Gene Mutants
1. AT4G01370 (MPK4)mpk4
2. AT5G03280 (EIN2)ein2-6


Gene Mutants
3. AT1G04240 (SHORT HYPOCOTYL 2(SHY2),IAA3)shy2-2
4. AT1G04250 (AUX/IAA17)axr3-1
5. AT1G19220 (ARF19)ARF19-D
6. AT1G77850 (ARF17)mARF17-D
7. AT4G13260 (YUC2)yuc1 yuc yuc4 yuc6
8. AT4G30080 (ARF16)mARF16-D
9. AT4G32540 (YUC1)yuc1 yuc yuc4 yuc6
10. AT5G11320 (YUC4)yuc1 yuc yuc4 yuc6
11. AT5G20730 (ARF7)arf7/nph4/msg1
12. AT5G25620 (YUC6)yuc1 yuc yuc4 yuc6
13. AT5G55250 (IAMT1)iamt1-D

jasmonic acid

Gene Mutants
14. AT4G01370 (MPK4)mpk4


Gene Mutants
15. AT1G19350 (BES1)bes1 RNAi
16. AT1G75080 (BZR1)bzr1-1D
17. AT4G18710 (BIN2)bin2-1

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