General information for Microarray experiment Osmotic_0

Plant col-0
Organ shoot
Physiological state 18 days plus 0h treatment
Related Hormone Osmotic
Hormone concentration N/A
Treatment procedure "Mannitol was added to a concentration of 300 mM in the Media. To add Mannitol the raft was lifted out A magnetic stir bar and a stirrer were used to mix the media and the added Mannitol. After the rafts were put back in the boxes, they were transferred back to the climate chamber."
Log2(ratio) calculation compered with non-treatment group
Type of microarray Affymetrix
URL of original data
Reference PMID: 17376166 "The AtGenExpress global stress expression data set: protocols, evaluation and model data analysis of UV-B light, drought and cold_ stress responses."

Expression data for differentially expressed genes

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(Note: the expression data was interegrated from the supplementary data of the paper.)