General information

Mutant name hyl1
Mutant/Transgenic plant mutant
Ecotype Nossen
Mutagenesis type Ds insertion
Dominant/Recessive/Semi-dominant recessive
PMID 11148283
CommentDecreased sensitivity to both auxin and cytokinin and therefore having pleiotropic effects on plant hormone response.

Mutated genes

Locus name Alias Hormone Mutated site Paper description
AT1G09700 HYL1 abscisic acid The transposon had inserted into the second exon,31bpdownstream of the putitive translation start site. encodes a nuclear-localized double-stranded RNA-binding protein,HYPONASTIC LEAVES1(HYL1). The gene is unique in Arabidopsis genome.

Phenotype information

Organ AttributeNo hormoneabscisic acid
Root Agravitropic rootyes-
Primary root-short
otherhyl1 seedling root elongation rate is somewhat slower than that of wild-type plants in both light and dark conditions. -
Cotyledon/Leaf Epinastic or hyponastic cotyledonhyponastic cotyledon-
Leaf sizesmall leaves-
Rounded or narrow leavesnarrow leaves-
othermutant plants produce more rosette leaves than do wild-type plants.-
Hypocotyl/Stem Hypocotyl lengthshort hypocotyls-
Plant heightdwarf, reduced height-
Shoot apical dominancereduced shoot apical dominance-
Silique/Seed Germination rate-reduced
Silique lengthshort silique-
Silique shapetwisted siliques-
Flower Flower sizesmall flower-
Flowering time under short daylate flowering-
Stamenshort filaments-