General information

Mutant name eto1-1
Mutant/Transgenic plant mutant
Ecotype Col-0
Mutagenesis type EMS
Dominant/Recessive/Semi-dominant recessive
PMID 7768447 2152173
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Mutated genes

Locus name Alias Hormone Mutated site Paper description
AT3G51770 ETO1 ethylene ETHYLENE OVERPRODUCER 1 (ETO1);The ETO1 protein directly interacts with and inhibits the enzyme activity of full-length ACS5 but not of a truncated form of the enzyme, resulting in a marked accumulation of ACS5 protein and ethylene; a negative regulator of ethylene evolution by interacting with AtACS5, an isoform of the rate-limiting enzyme, 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate synthases (ACC synthase or ACS), in ethylene biosynthetic pathway. In the yeast two-hybrid system, ETO1 interacts with LE-ACS3 as well as AtACS5 but not with LE-ACS2 or LE-ACS4, two major isozymes whose gene expression is induced markedly in ripening fruits; negative post-transcriptional regulator in the ethylene biosynthesis in Arabidopsis. The eto1, eto2, and eto3 mutations and cytokinin treatment increase ethylene biosynthesis in Arabidopsis by increasing the stability of ACS protein. The Arabidopsis ethylene-overproducing mutants eto1, eto2, and eto3 have been suggested to affect the post-transcriptional regulation of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid synthase (ACS).

Phenotype information

Organ AttributeNo hormoneethylene
Root Lateral rootincreasedincreased
Primary rootshortshort
Root hairsmoremore
Cotyledon/Leaf Leaf sizesmall leaves-
Petioleshortened petiole-
Rounded or narrow leavesrounded leaves-
Hypocotyl/Stem Hypocotyl lengthshort hypocotylsshort hypocotyls
Plant heightdwarf, reduced heightdwarf, reduced height
Shoot apical hookenhanced apical hookenhanced apical hook