General information

Mutant name cuc2-1 AP1::ATIPT4
Mutant/Transgenic plant transgenic
Ecotype Ler
Mutagenesis type
PMID 19913077
CommentNo comment

Mutated genes

Locus name Alias Hormone Mutated site Paper description
AT5G53950 CUC2 cytokinin Transcriptional activator of the NAC gene family, with CUC1 redundantly required for embryonic apical meristem formation, cotyledon separation and expression of STM. Proper timing of CUC2 expression is required to maintain the phyllotactic pattern initiated in the meristem. CUC2 expression in leaf sinus region is required for serration and the extent of serration is modulated by mir164A mediated repression of CUC2.
AT4G24650 ATIPT4 cytokinin cytokinin biosynthetic process

Phenotype information

Organ AttributeNo hormone
Flower Flower sizephenotype of AP1::ATIPT4 attenuated