General information

Mutant name abi8
Mutant/Transgenic plant mutant
Ecotype Ws
Mutagenesis type T-DNA insertion_knock out
Dominant/Recessive/Semi-dominant recessive
PMID 14742875
CommentStunded growth, defective stomatal regulation; male sterile;Glc-insensitivity

Mutated genes

Locus name Alias Hormone Mutated site Paper description
AT3G08550 ABI8/ELD1/KOB1 abscisic acid abi8 mutant allele contains a 5-bp deletion,resulting in a frame shift in the first exon at amino acid 85 and termination shortly thereafter. ABI8 encodes a protein with no domains of known function but belongs to a small plant-specific protein family.

Phenotype information

Organ AttributeNo hormoneabscisic acid
Cotyledon/Leaf Leaf senescencehomozygous mutants earlier,heterozygous mutants nochange-
Stomata aperturealways openalways open
Hypocotyl/Stem Plant heightseverely dwarfed phenotype or death-
otherThe heterozygotes mutation have no apparent defects, but most homozygotes die as seedlings, the few survivors are severely stunded,grow very slowly-
Silique/Seed Germination rate-increased
Flower Fertilitymale sterility-
Flowering time under short daylate flowering-