General information

Mutant name Col(35S::RBX1)1a
Mutant/Transgenic plant transgenic
Ecotype Col-0
Mutagenesis type Transgenic plant
Dominant/Recessive/Semi-dominant dominant
PMID 12215511
CommentNo comment

Mutated genes

Locus name Alias Hormone Mutated site Paper description
AT5G20570 RBX1a auxin to bind the ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 and bring it into close proximity with the E3 substrate

Phenotype information

Organ AttributeNo hormoneauxin
Root Lateral rootreduced-
Primary root-long
Cotyledon/Leaf Hyponastic or epinastic leavesepinastic leaves-
Leaf sizesmall leaves-
othercotyledons are smaller-
Hypocotyl/Stem Internode lengthshort internode, reduced stem elongation-
Plant heightdwarf, reduced height-
Shoot apical dominancereduced shoot apical dominance-
Shoot apical hookhookless-
Flower Fertilityreduced fertility-