General information

Mutant name AtVDAC2Dn
Mutant/Transgenic plant transgenic
Ecotype RLD
Mutagenesis type antisense
PMID 19582214
CommentNo comment

Mutated genes

Locus name Alias Hormone Mutated site Paper description
AT5G67500 AtVDAC2 abscisic acid Encodes a voltage-dependent anion channel (VDAC: AT3G01280/VDAC1, AT5G67500/VDAC2, AT5G15090/VDAC3, AT5G57490/VDAC4, AT5G15090/VDAC5). VDACs are reported to be porin-type, beta-barrel diffusion pores. They are prominently localized in the outer mitochondrial membrane and are involved in metabolite exchange between the organelle and the cytosol.

Phenotype information

Organ AttributeNo hormoneabscisic acid
Root Primary root-long
Cotyledon/Leaf Leaf color-normal green and expanded cotyledons