General information for Microarray experiment eth_2

Plant Col
Organ seedling
Physiological state etiolated seedlings
Related Hormone ethylene
Hormone concentration 10ppm
Treatment procedure Cold-treated seeds in MS plates were placed in chambers at 24??C in the dark with hydrocarbon-free airflow for 3 days, after which some of the chambers were connected to ethylene gas at 10 ppm while the others remained on air treatment. Four hours later the seedlings of each plate were quickly collected and frozen in liquid nitrogen. Total RNA was prepared from both air-treated and ethylene-treated etiolated seedlings
Log2(ratio) calculation ethylene/air
Type of microarray Affymetrix
URL of original data
Reference PMID: 16920797 ETHYLENE-INSENSITIVE5 encodes a 5'-->3' exoribonuclease required for regulation of the EIN3-targeting F-box proteins EBF1/2

Expression data for differentially expressed genes

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(Note: the expression data was interegrated from the supplementary data of the paper.)