General information for Microarray experiment JA_6

Plant Col-0
Organ leaves
Physiological state rosette leaves,plants were 6 to 7 weeks old
Related Hormone jasmonic acid
Hormone concentration 4mM
Treatment procedure plants were exposed for 6 h to 4 mmol racemic MeJA
Log2(ratio) calculation MeJA/mock
Type of microarray homemade
URL of original data (accession numbers E-MEXP-158 to E-MEXP-164)
Reference PMID: 15494554 A Conserved Transcript Pattern in Response to a Specialist and a Generalist Herbivore

Expression data for differentially expressed genes

This is an single array experiment. View complete data from this microarray.

(Note: the expression data was interegrated from the supplementary data of the paper.)