General information for Microarray experiment CK_1

Plant Col
Organ seedling
Physiological state 7day old seedlings
Related Hormone cytokinin
Hormone concentration 1uM
Treatment procedure Wild-type seedlings were treated with zeatin for 30 min, 1 hr and 3 hr
Log2(ratio) calculation zeatin/mock
Type of microarray Affymetrix
URL of original data
Reference PMID: 16901781 Different Plant Hormones Regulate Similar Processes through Largely NonoverlappingTranscriptional Responses

Expression data for differentially expressed genes

This experiment contains multiple microarrays. You can view expression data from each individual array using links below:
1. 30min   2. 60min   3. 180min   
Or view data from all microarrays altogether, sorted by 1. 30min 2. 60min 3. 180min

(Note: the expression data was interegrated from the supplementary data of the paper.)