General information for Microarray experiment ABA_4

Plant Ws
Organ seedling
Physiological state 7day old seedlings
Related Hormone abscisic acid
Hormone concentration 1uM
Treatment procedure grow at 22 C for 7 d under 16-h-day and 8-h-night regime with continuous shaking at the speed of 150 rpm.
Log2(ratio) calculation ABA/mock
Type of microarray Affymetrix
URL of original data
Reference PMID: 16258012 Transcriptome analysis reveals specific modulation of abscisic acid signaling by ROP10 small GTPase in Arabidopsis

Expression data for differentially expressed genes

This is an single array experiment. View complete data from this microarray.

(Note: the expression data was interegrated from the supplementary data of the paper.)