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Locus: AT5G56270 Alias: AtWRKY2

Hormone Evidence Function category Gene Description PMID
abscisic acidMutant Hormone signal transduction WRKY transcription factor 2 19622176

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Locus AT5G56270 | Chromosome: 5 | Strand: +
Description WRKY transcription factor 2
AtWRKY2( alias )
WRKY2( alias )
Gene model
AT5G56270.1 | From: 22796919 | To: 22800494
AT5G56270.1 | Genomic | cDNA | CDS | Protein | Upstream 1K | Downstream 1K
Gene Ontology
transcription factor activity PMID: 11118137
nucleus PMID:
regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent PMID: 10785665
KEGG pathway No data
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Hormone-related mutants or transgenic plants associated with this gene

[   abscisic acid   ]

Genotype PMID Type
wrky2-1 19622176 mutant

Microarray data for this gene

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miRNA interaction information for this gene

No miRNA interaction information for this gene.

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Ortholog Groups annotation for this gene

Ortholog Groups : OG4_59018
NP_200438 ( AT5G56270 )Arabidopsis thaliana
NP_001062148Oryza sativa Japonica Group
NP_001063497Oryza sativa Japonica Group
28966.m000524Ricinus communis
DatabaseEntry IDE-valueStartEndInterPro IDDescription
PROSITEPS508110.0267331IPR003657DNA-binding WRKY
SMARTSM007741.9000069431526122E-33272330IPR003657DNA-binding WRKY
PfamPF031062.7000000000000044E-26273329IPR003657DNA-binding WRKY
PROSITEPS508110.0481546IPR003657DNA-binding WRKY
PfamPF031061.7999999999999996E-27486544IPR003657DNA-binding WRKY
SMARTSM007741.6000024069599734E-36486545IPR003657DNA-binding WRKY