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Locus: AT2G41070 Alias: ATBZIP12

Hormone Evidence Function category Gene Description PMID
abscisic acidGeneOntology - abscisic acid mediated signaling 0012084834

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Locus AT2G41070 | Chromosome: 2 | Strand: +
Description abscisic acid mediated signaling
ATBZIP12( alias )
DPBF4( alias )
EEL( alias )
Gene model
AT2G41070.1 | From: 17137866 | To: 17139448
AT2G41070.3 | From: 17137899 | To: 17139448
AT2G41070.2 | From: 17137852 | To: 17139464
AT2G41070.1 | Genomic | cDNA | CDS | Protein | Upstream 1K | Downstream 1K
AT2G41070.3 | Genomic | cDNA | CDS | Protein | Upstream 1K | Downstream 1K
AT2G41070.2 | Genomic | cDNA | CDS | Protein | Upstream 1K | Downstream 1K
Gene Ontology
DNA binding PMID: 0012084834
transcription factor activity PMID: 11118137
nucleus PMID: 0012084834
abscisic acid mediated signaling PMID: 0012084834
regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent PMID:
KEGG pathway No data
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Hormone-related mutants or transgenic plants associated with this gene

No genetic evidence yet supported that this is a hormone-related gene.

Microarray data for this gene

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miRNA interaction information for this gene

(Note:target use cDNA sequence)
target: AT2G41070.1 
length: 1269 
miRNA : ath-miR414
length: 21 
mfe: -25.3 kcal/mol 
p-value: 0.005303 
position  801 
target 5' A              U      A 
miRNA  3' A   C                   
target: AT2G41070.2 
length: 1360 
miRNA : ath-miR414
length: 21 
mfe: -25.3 kcal/mol 
p-value: 0.005761 
position  876 
target 5' A              U      A 
miRNA  3' A   C                   
target: AT2G41070.3 
length: 1379 
miRNA : ath-miR414
length: 21 
mfe: -25.3 kcal/mol 
p-value: 0.005857 
position  911 
target 5' A              U      A 
miRNA  3' A   C                   
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Ortholog Groups annotation for this gene

Ortholog Groups : OG4_37386
NP_191244Arabidopsis thaliana
NP_565948Arabidopsis thaliana
NP_850341 ( AT2G41070 )Arabidopsis thaliana
NP_973655Arabidopsis thaliana
NP_001044598Oryza sativa Japonica Group
NP_001055893Oryza sativa Japonica Group
30226.m002055Ricinus communis
DatabaseEntry IDE-valueStartEndInterPro IDDescription
SMARTSM003384.099995990457837E-13188260IPR004827Basic-leucine zipper (bZIP) transcription factor
PROSITEPS502170.0190234IPR004827Basic-leucine zipper (bZIP) transcription factor
PfamPF001704.0999999999999955E-11192240IPR011616bZIP transcription factor, bZIP-1
PROSITEPS000360.0195210IPR004827Basic-leucine zipper (bZIP) transcription factor