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Locus: AT2G28900 Alias: ATOEP16-1

Hormone Evidence Function category Gene Description PMID
jasmonic acidGeneOntology - response to jasmonic acid stimulus 16021335

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Locus AT2G28900 | Chromosome: 2 | Strand: -
Description response to jasmonic acid stimulus
ATOEP16-1( alias )
ATOEP16-L( alias )
OEP16( alias )
Gene model
AT2G28900.1 | From: 12421191 | To: 12422655
AT2G28900.1 | Genomic | cDNA | CDS | Protein | Upstream 1K | Downstream 1K
Gene Ontology
P-P-bond-hydrolysis-driven protein transmembrane transporter activity PMID:
plastid outer membrane PMID: 17261815
protein import into chloroplast stroma PMID: 17261815
response to wounding PMID: 16021335
response to cold PMID: 16709189
response to jasmonic acid stimulus PMID: 16021335
protein transport PMID:
KEGG pathway No data
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Hormone-related mutants or transgenic plants associated with this gene

No genetic evidence yet supported that this is a hormone-related gene.

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miRNA interaction information for this gene

No miRNA interaction information for this gene.

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Ortholog Groups annotation for this gene

Ortholog Groups : OG4_23281
NP_180456 ( AT2G28900 )Arabidopsis thaliana
NP_001054446Oryza sativa Japonica Group
e_gw1.226.94.1Physcomitrella patens subsp. patens
estExt_Genewise1.C_1570032Physcomitrella patens subsp. patens
estExt_Genewise1.C_2690049Physcomitrella patens subsp. patens
estExt_fgenesh1_kg.C_4240001Physcomitrella patens subsp. patens
estExt_fgenesh1_pg.C_680118Physcomitrella patens subsp. patens
fgenesh1_pg.scaffold_46000177Physcomitrella patens subsp. patens
29977.m000258Ricinus communis
NP_567488Arabidopsis thaliana
NP_849394Arabidopsis thaliana
NP_001049884Oryza sativa Japonica Group
e_gw1.181.56.1Physcomitrella patens subsp. patens
29889.m003274Ricinus communis
DatabaseEntry IDE-valueStartEndInterPro IDDescription
PfamPF024662.4E-2223144IPR003397Mitochondrial inner membrane translocase complex, subunit Tim17/22